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Weave the Threads of Your Life

In Bonnie's newest book she takes her readers on a journey of self-discovery. Using her own life experiences, Bonnie candidly shares how her life experiences created self-doubt, and then she shows the reader how to overcome the negative messages presented by our internal voices. The book provides insight, and enables readers to explore and examine their own lives through the use of questions. The third section of the book enables readers to use the questions to create a personal journal.

The book is written for those who are questioning if they have achieved what is most satisfying for them, rather than what other people or society say is 'right' for them. It is for people who want to create the life they really want to live NOW!

You can now get a sample of the book, including the Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1, and the first couple pages of part 3 of the book. You can use this to create your new life, the life you love, the one that results in that sense of fulfillment that you long for.

Click here to contact Bonnie and ask for your copy of the intro and journal.

To learn more about Bonnie visit her Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/bonnie-best

Last updated October 3, 2020