Haiku Poems by Bonnie Best  

An Interview with Haiku Poet Bonnie Best

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Are these true Haiku?
Or simply my best effort
to share special moments?
I created a new blog to post my newest poems.
Bonnie's Haiku Poems Blog
Updated July 27, 2015
These Haiku poems,
Flow from the Spirit within,
Like a tree breathes air.
Powerful habits
Draw me into their deep rut,
Watch sunrise instead.
A flame burns within,
Bright, steady, giving light.
I feel peace, love, joy.
Love nourishes me,
when it is offered freely,
like Sunshine in Spring.
We open to love,
as water flows across rocks,
without resistance.
Trust intimacy,
and dance with the mystery,
like a Hummingbird.
Friends return in love,
Walk along secluded beach,
Listen ocean waves.
Feel serenity,
Private meadow and blue lake,
Joy bubbles within.
Stretch beyond limits,
Call forth joy, serenity,
Dove sings mourning song.

Trust is like crystal.
Once shattered by emotions,
Hard to repair it.
The power of love,
Mysterious and wondrous,
Like double rainbow.
Showers of blessings,
Rainbows appear in the sky,
Pots of gold nearby.
I am prosperous.
The sun, warmth and beauty,
surrounds me always.
Thinking this morning,
Permanent prosperity,
Ocean waves beckon.
Oh, where does time go?
Sun comes up and goes down.
Quickly days go by.
Last night of the year,
Birds and trees feel no difference,
Humans celebrate.
Morning comes at last
To stop the disturbing dreams.
Bird song restores peace.
Wisdom comes slowly
Step by step, lessons learned
Nite Hawk and Owl cheer.
The night is quiet,
Most animals are asleep,
Humans are restless.
Wake early morning,
Quiet time, no birds singing.
Time to think and write.
Need a Miracle,
When the Sun blesses the Earth,
And brings a new day.
Hear the Rooster call,
Announce another new day,
The Sun soon will shine.
The rain is gentle,
Time to remember the past,
To plan the future.
On this rainy day,
Birds are quiet and unseen,
Time to rest at home.
Rain drips from the leaves,
Birds perch huddled in the trees,
People wear rain coats.
The rain is gentle,
Brings peace to those who listen,
And it nourishes.
Silence is for me,
As rain is for the flowers,
Nourishing at depth.
Silence this morning,
Darkness hugs me like velvet.
When will the sun rise?
Which dream to pursue?
Can Hummingbird help decide?
Or the Butterfly?
Filthy rap music
Disturbs peace in the sun.
Bird songs filter through.
To walk through the trees,
The wild flowers and bird songs,
To be at peace now.

Rowing on the lake,
Peace and quiet early morn,
Bird dips and soars high.
Bees hover nearby,
Food smells strong in the air,
People walk away.
Enjoy the silence,
The grove of deep rooted trees,
Sentinels of peace.
Hear the Donkey bray,
Hear the Rooster, feel the Sun,
Watch the Hummingbird.
Trees stand tall and still,
Rising high above the noise,
The wise listen well.
The Eagle soars high
Above all the confusion,
With grace and purpose.
Seek to understand,
Hummingbird whispers to me now.
That will break the ice.
Enough, say "Enough"
The Lion roars loudly now,
It is time to rest.
I crave abundance,
To enjoy sunshine, fresh air,
To be free and live.
The freedom to choose,
The wisdom to know and trust,
Butterfly released.
Each day a fresh start,
To begin with the sunrise,
Cherish each moment.
That crow squawks and squawks,
Until his complaints are heard,
And his needs are met.
Hummingbird will fly,
Rather than squawk or complain,
If life not threatened.
"Enough punishment"
The Ocean Waves whisper now,
Time for joy and peace.
The freedom to choose,
To enjoy trees, air, water,
And to love people.
Sacred intention:
To use metaphor wisely.
To honor the Earth.
Images of joy:
Christmas tree, ornaments, lights.
Gifts given with love.
I value my health.
Butterfly values freedom.
We share common bonds.
The message reveals,
What Nature wants us to know,
When we hear the birds.
Poetic license,
Like water flowing downstream,
Gives freedom to speak.
On a cold wet day,
it is pleasant to relax,
with friends by the fire.
Spirit within me
Reveals authenticity,
as tree bark peels clear.
Hummingbird whispers,
"Be yourself, free yourself now."
The message is clear.
Spirit within me
Supports and guides my choices,
like drinking Sunshine.
Like the seasons of nature,
has many phases.
Spirit moves in me,
Like a snake through the tall grass,
Slow unseen power.
Family and friends,
are near and dear forever,
like quiet forest.
Remembering dreams,
During this wet rainy day,
And making choices.
Second half of life,
can be rich and creative,
like sunsets at sea.
Sitting on a rock,
observing life around me,
sharing time with friends.
Enjoy the moment;
Share the gift of love and joy,
and the tree of life.
Strolling through the trees
enjoying the sound of birds
and other wild life
Look at the ocean,
from my perch on top the hill;
Thank God for nature.
Important strangers
meet at the mountain retreat,
and commit to love.
Cherish the silence
within the mountain forest,
and return to me.
The power of love
is mysterious for sure,
like a storm at sea.
and the lively hummingbird,
can be illusive.
As the Earth rotates,
The Sun stands still in the sky,
Yet appears to move.


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