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In my FREE guide -- Simple Ways to Be Calm -- you will find easy and quick ways to:

  • Prepare for potentially stressful events, like a meeting with a difficult associate, co-worker, employee, or a family gathering

  • Be peaceful in the middle of a disturbing situation

  • What to do after an event: either celebrate your successfully staying calm, or learn what to do next time so that you will feel better about the encounter.

When we are peacefull and calm our business is more successful. We and our team are happier, more productive, and make better decisions. We get more clients/customers and profits!

"I've been struggling with a full spectrum of lifelong issues, among them anger, fear, low self-esteem, a lack of self confidence, frustration and disappointment regarding my social life. Working with Bonnie I felt understood, perhaps for the first time. She helped clarify the issues and possible root causes, analyzing how they are connected to each other in addition to some of my physical complaints and conditions. Bonnie has an uncanny ability to zero in on what ails one, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.

As a result of her intuition, compassion and wisdom I was able to realize the negative patterns that had me stuck. While life is not perfect, I am now imbued with a new sense of balance and optimism, able to view things in their proper perspective. I'd highly recommend Bonnie as an excellent counselor, coach, and spiritual teacher."

"When we've done everything we can and are still not able to change the results, the wise thing to do is to seek help. Bonnie helps to reach a deeper level of the subconscious, and release the issues that we struggle to fix on our own."  Christina

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Last updated February 25, 2023
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