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Five Steps to Be Effective

  1. Discover your purpose, vision and mission in life.
    When do you have passion?
    What are you doing when you feel you are 'on track' and time slips by without you noticing?
    When do you see yourself performing at your peak?
    What are your important roles in life?
    What would it look like if you were fulfilling your roles in the ideal way for you?

  2. Each week set aside time to review your purpose, vision and mission in life
    (at least half an hour).
    What did you do last week to further your progress in achieving it?
    What are the most important things you need to do next week to further your progress?
    Be sure to include time for yourself to improve your attitude,
    mental ability and social relationships.
    Make notes on your calendar to schedule time for these tasks/activities.

  3. Each day plan to include the important, as well as the urgent, tasks and activities so that you spend time wisely to further your progress toward achieving your purpose, vision and mission in life.
    Create an affirmation you can say when you first wake in the morning, and then repeat it often during the day. This is your personal vision of the way you want to experience life. The affirmation I use inspires me to be the best I can be each day.

    Write goals which are a stretch and yet doable, and things you can control. For example, making phone calls, talking to people, writing letters, etc., are things you can do. Getting other people to do things you want them to do can be frustrating, and unless you have strong influence on people it is difficult to control the outcome of these goals. Be clear about your sphere of influence. Know what you can and cannot control. You can change yourself; you cannot change others. That is their responsibility. Your communication, your choice to speak and act, and the consequences, are your responsibility.

  4. Balance your focus between relationships and tasks. Peak performance and effectiveness come from a balance in life.

  5. Balance the five key areas of health - mind, body, family, society and finances. Be sure to include goals in all these areas, and make time for each during the week. At the end of the month review your progress and set challenging and achievable goals for the following month. For current information to help you balance these five areas, visit Bonnie's  Nikken Website.

Last updated February 27, 2022