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Effective Communications

In today's fast paced society, where most people focus on efficiency, productivity, and results, effective communication is a challenge.

Relationships are important. The foundation for healthy, interdependent relationships with others is our relationship with ourselves. We need to develop healthy 'self talk' in order to have self acceptance, self esteem, independence, and the capacity to develop healthy relationships with others.

You may want to read my poem about Friends.

Wisdom has two parts:
1) having a lot to say, and 2) not saying it.

Making a decision to focus on communication skills is a first step. Intention and motivation make a big difference in our effectiveness. Once we shift our focus from efficiency to effectiveness, we know that the time we spend communicating, internally and externally, results in more fulfilling relationships.

How can we effectively communicate with ourselves, our co-workers, partners, associates, friends and family?

  • We have been taught to speak, and we need to learn to listen and understand.
  • We need to believe in the possibilities to create win-win solutions.
  • Read  Five Keys to Effective Communication  for more tips.

What does it take to create win-win solutions?

  • We need to focus on needs and interests rather than wants and positions.
  • We need to be honest about our wants and needs,
    then discover the other person's wants and needs.
  • Attitude and belief are critical to the success of this process.
  • Intention and motivation are also critical to the success of this process.

What principles do you base your words and actions on?

What are your values and beliefs?

What is your purpose in life, your personal mission?

This is the starting point for all your communications with yourself and others.

I would love to coach you so that you discover your life purpose and live your dreams.
Please contact me.

You can also find resources at Wealth Without a Job from Wealth Builders of America.

Read   Five Steps to Be Effective  for more tips.

"Private Victory precedes Public Victory"
Stephen R. Covey emphasizes this in his bestseller,
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

We offer individual and group coaching to support you in your efforts to improve communication skills.

Contact us for more information about our online coaching and other support services.

Click below for a model which helps you understand effective communication within your organization

Four Organization Cultures

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Five Keys to Effective Communication

  1. Listen carefully to what people say.
    Don't rush to make a comment or give advice.
    Listen for facts and emotions.
    What is the purpose and intent of the speaker?
    What do you think their goal is in sharing their information?

  2. Compose your message carefully.
    Consider your goals and the goals of the other person.
    Is this the right time and place to deliver your message?
    What are the potential consequences of delivering this message?
    Do you have a long-term relationship with this person?
    Is the relationship important to you and could it be negatively impacted by your message?

  3. If you make a mistake, admit it and do your best to recover from it.
    The sooner you deal with negative feelings, the easier it is resolve things and get back 'on track' to achieve positive results.
    Cooperation is more valuable than destructive competition.

  4. At times emotions are so strong that it is difficult to say things in a constructive way.
    At these times choose whether to 'cool off' and take a 'timeout' or to clear the air and allow the other person to know how you feel.
    This is a judgment call and experience is the best teacher.
    Be gentle with yourself and others.
    We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. Remember that.

  5. Forgiveness is critical to maintaining healthy relationships.
    Whatever happens, you can choose how to react.
    Healthy communications is the result of effort and wise choices.
    None of us is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and we can all learn from experience.
    Ask yourself in a negative situation "Is it better to be right or happy?"
    Then choose accordingly and know that each day can be a new beginning.
    You can start over at any time and find an alternative to the way you communicate - with yourself and others.
    Learn to forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
    Take reasonable risks and learn from the experience.
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by Bonnie Best

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