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  • Do you feel stressed because of technology issues?
  • Would you like to use technology more effectively?

Bonnie Best
Schedule a complimentary 60 minute technology strategy session with Bonnie.
We will review your current use of technology, identify challenges and possible next steps specifically designed for you.

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Computer Help

Article: Survival Skills for the Technically Challenged


What people say after a session with Bonnie:

"I enjoyed working with you on my business Facebook pages. I am so glad that I called for help, because I was both frustrated and overwhelmed. I did not know what to do first, second or last. Since working with you I have more confidence that I am able to post and understand the workings of Facebook, and what it means to tag.

Bonnie is a special teacher. She has patience, and helped me to understand what I am doing and why. After my lesson I was able to really work on my page and felt good about my new found knowledge. My computer skills were very limited, but now I feel that I am able to use what I have been taught and learn more.

If you are in need of help with your social media and more, Bonnie Best is the person I would recommend. I will be taking more classes from her myself.

Thanks Bonnie Best!"

Brandy T. Jones
Speaker, Workshop Leader
and Author

"Bonnie showed me how to fix my Google Plus issues, and answered my questions about effectively using hashtags on Facebook and Twitter. She also demystified some basic Twitter functionality for me.

Bonnie is knowledgeable, and fun to work with. She doesn't speak like a tech geek, but speaks ordinary language. Bonnie can help you with something technical that seems mysterious and confusing, and clarifies it so that it's simple and usable.

I highly recommend Bonnie for help with social media and technical issues. She has a great sense of humor too."

Sumaya O'Grady
Soul Alchemist


"You helped me to get clear about which e-mail collection service to use. And you were able in a moment to help me remove the comments field on my website -- I had labored over that issue. Months ago I watched a 60-min YouTube video about all of that, but didn't want to find that video and watch it all over again to find that one feature. You saved me so much time!"

"I enjoy and appreciate your helpfulness and gentle approach. You have a way of sharing your wisdom that is client-centered as opposed to trying to sell me something. Thank you."

Ana Fatima Costa, RPR, CSR
AFC Consulting Services


Last updated October 9, 2022