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What clients and students say about Bonnie:

"I enjoyed working with you on my business Facebook pages. I am so glad that I called for help, because I was both frustrated and overwhelmed. I did not know what to do first, second or last. Since working with you I have more confidence that I am able to post and understand the workings of Facebook, and what it means to tag.

Bonnie is a special teacher. She has patience, and helped me to understand what I am doing and why. After my lesson I was able to really work on my page and felt good about my new found knowledge. My computer skills were very limited, but now I feel that I am able to use what I have been taught and learn more.

If you are in need of help with your social media and more, Bonnie Best is the person I would recommend. I will be taking more classes from her myself.

Thanks Bonnie Best!"

Brandy J.

"Bonnie showed me how to fix my Google Plus issues, and answered my questions about effectively using hashtags on Facebook and Twitter. She also demystified some basic Twitter functionality for me.

Bonnie is knowledgeable, and fun to work with. She doesn't speak like a tech geek, but speaks ordinary language. Bonnie can help you with something technical that seems mysterious and confusing, and clarifies it so that it's simple and usable.

I highly recommend Bonnie for help with social media and technical issues. She has a great sense of humor too."

Sumaya O.

"I enjoy and appreciate your helpfulness and gentle approach. You have a way of sharing your wisdom that is client-centered as opposed to trying to sell me something. Thank you."

Ana C.

"The first impression I received from Bonnie as a teacher was approachable, down to earth, caring, and non-judgmental. She made learning the computer easier than I ever could have expected. She never gave up on me, no matter how many times I asked the same question.

Meeting her again years later in Rotary, she greeted me with the same familiar smile. I am amazed by her commitment to our community outreach programs, and her ability to take on any task that is asked of her, especially when it comes to public speaking and helping others organize events.

She gets so much done effortlessly, without commanding any special attention to herself. Her heart and smile are contagious, and I have no doubt she is a great mentor to those seeking her guidance."

Dawn & Frank O.

"I have known and worked with Bonnie for many years. I have always been delighted to recommend her services, because I know whoever is lucky enough to work with her will be grateful for her help. She is the MOST PATIENT TEACHER anyone could hope to work with. Something anyone trying to increase their technology knowledge needs."

Deborah A.

"Bonnie gave private computer lessons to both myself and my daughter. We worked with Microsoft Word and Excel as well as some other programs.

Bonne is a fabulous teacher. She has excellent pacing and is very thorough. She explains everything in a clear way that is easy to understand and she is very professional. Both my daughter and I learned a lot from her, and should we need help in the future would definitely look forward to working with her again.”

Nancy A.

"Bonnie is an excellent teacher and computer expert. She has given me invaluable help and service for my internet and computer needs. I recommend her to all who need someone who is patient and very clear in her directions."

Virginia D.

"Bonnie is the best teacher ever. I've had private lessons from Bonnie, and also took her Castro Valley Adult Education computer class. She is the best!"

Carole R.

"Bonnie Best is one of the finest teachers I've ever had. She taught me most of my computer skills. She is extremely patient and a great listener."

Chris S.

"Bonnie taught an adult school Excel class which I attended. Seemed like my classmates & I all agreed that Bonnie was an amazing instructor. She is totally knowledgeable in all things Excel & her patience is unlimited!

She explains everything in a manner that is clearly understandable. If somebody has questions she always had the right answers - with one exception when she did not have the answer but she said she would have it for us at the next class. And she did.

I took several classes from her and brought my husband and some friends too and she was always efficient, professional, kind and knowledgeable."

Sheila W.

"When Bonnie was my computer teacher at the adult school in Castro Valley, she was wonderful. She made it very interesting and I looked forward to class. I took Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher from her. I would take a class with her again now!"

Christine O.

"Bonnie's warm style of leading workshops provides a safe space to learn and grow."

"This class is like a vitamin supplement for your soul."

"Great energy boost. Inspiring to be guided through practical tools by such a lovely, articulate, wise teacher!"

Workshop Participants


Last updated April 18, 2020