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Do you want help with your computer?
Do you want to have more fun using your computer?
Does someone you know want help with their computer?

Many people enjoy using computers, and sometimes find it a challenge or frustrating. Perhaps you know people who are struggling and you would love to help them.
One-on-one tutoring is preferred by some people. It works best for those who have a specific project, and they want customized help on their computer. Here are examples of ways I have helped people with computer questions:
* Found where the files attached to email were being stored, when sent as part of a monthly newsletter for a National Association.
* Used mailing list information, previously created and updated, to create a letter in MS WORD that uses the names and addresses for a monthly mailing.
* Organized document files on the computer, to make it easier to find and use them later.
* Helped redesign Excel worksheets used for creating orders, and designed a new invoice for a local business.
* Taught how to use
  • MS Word Mail Merge for Form Letters, Labels and Envelopes.
  • MS Excel Database to track client information, to sort and find information.
  • Scanner and how to attach multiple photos to one email message.
  • Email, work with attachments, forward messages, create address book.
If you want more specifics, check out  Computer Help
You can print the one-page flyer to give to friends and family.
Web design is fun and creative.   See examples of  sites designed by Bonnie Best
I suggest you read the article

"Survival Skills for the Technically Challenged
How to Find and Communicate Effectively with Technical People"

You can print it for yourself or share it with friends or family.

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Last updated June 25, 2011