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Mediation and Mediation Training

Conflict Management and Negotiation Training

Are disputes in your organization costing

Would you like more timely and cost effective ways to resolve disputes
and turn the conflicts into opportunities?

Here is an example of what we do to help organizations:

We have a client who recently developed a new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program for dealing with disputes. They selected 20 managers from different regions across the US, and we designed and delivered a four-day workshop to teach them to be mediators for disputes within the organization.

We are now serving as co-mediators, to support the trained managers to be effective as internal mediators. And we serve as external mediators when it appears that internal mediation is not appropriate.

We also designed a four-hour workshop for all the managers to learn ways to resolve disputes before they get escalated to mediation. This first step in Conflict Management provides potential for saving money, and revealing important information which can be used to improve team work and commitment to quality.

Contact us to find out how we can help you resolve/manage disputes in your organization.

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Last updated January 1, 2005