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Woman CryingAre your past emotions affecting you today?
Could they be affecting you in unseen ways?
How about your pets, the animals you have?

Man DepressedDo you feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you cannot quite identify?

Do you wish that certain events in your past had never occurred?

Do you feel that your present is being held hostage by your past?

Are your pets (dogs or cats, horses, birds, etc) exhibiting conditions or behaviors that might be triggered by trapped energy? We are usually bonded/connected to our pets in remarkable ways.

Happy PeopleWould you like to be more effective in handling life issues and challenges?

What if you could approach day-to-day issues with a different attitude?

IcebergI help people and their animals release trapped energy and patterns, which results in a new sense of happiness, success and wellness. This type of release enhances the effects of all other healing modalities, both traditional and alternative. Your subconscious knows and remembers much more than your conscious mind. We can tap into that intelligence to release energies that no longer serve you or your pets.

People sometimes sense they have emotional issues, but donít know how to get past them. Energy BodyEmotional baggage usually consists of energies that were trapped during events in the past.

People are often amazed how easily these energies can be found and removed. They are often amazed by the difference they feel when they are freed from them.

Trapped energy can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. Harmful emotional energies from negative past events may cause illness, anxiety and self-sabotage. They seem to block people from love and happiness, and make them feel disconnected from others.

Would you like to take your life back, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped energy is exerting upon you?

During a session I release trapped energy and patterns,
and coach you in practical ways to achieve REAL success in your life.

$70 for 1 session, $196 when you prepay for 3 sessions.

The sessions can be done via phone, email, in person, or an online meeting.

When I do sessions for pets/animals I usually include clearing for both the owner and the pet(s).

Contact me if you want a way to pay using PayPal or Zelle.

We’ll get started on the day you choose.

Click here to contact me

My clients said:

"When we've done everything we can and are still not able to change the results, the wise thing to do is to seek help. Bonnie helps to reach a deeper level of the subconscious, and release the issues that we struggle to fix on our own." Christina

"I've been struggling with a full spectrum of lifelong issues, among them anger, fear, low self-esteem, a lack of self confidence, frustration and disappointment regarding my social life. Working with Bonnie I felt understood, perhaps for the first time. She helped clarify the issues and possible root causes, analyzing how they are connected to each other in addition to some of my physical complaints and conditions. Bonnie has an uncanny ability to zero in on what ails one, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.
As a result of her intuition, compassion and wisdom I was able to realize the negative patterns that had me stuck. While life is not perfect, I am now imbued with a new sense of balance and optimism, able to view things in their proper perspective. I'd highly recommend Bonnie as an excellent counselor, coach, and spiritual teacher."

"In November 2021, we adopted a senior kitty. The Humane Society said his background was unknown. After a few days in his new home, we found kitty was peeing on bathroom rugs in addition to using his litter pan. Becoming frustrated with wet rugs, I contacted Bonnie. After 2 energy sessions with her, the unfavorable behavior stopped. Our kitty has settled into his new home and we are all happy and healthy. Thank you Bonnie! " Roberta T.

"My dog was losing his fur and had large spots that were bare and sore. He was licking himself all the time and was very uncomfortable. Bonnie did a session and discovered that he felt abandoned. She released that and within days he was back to being a happy dog with plenty of fur." Deborah

"My two Great Danes were acting out. Bonnie did a couple sessions with each dog. They both became calmer and started behaving better. I also had a cat that became sick. He wouldnít eat and we could tell he wasnít happy. Bonnie did a session for him, and he relaxed and was drinking lots of water and eating better." Jewel

"I brought my sonís little dog home with me. She was nervous and ended up with a rash on her back. The Vet shaved her fur and gave me medicine to apply. Bonnie did a few sessions to identify her allergies to food and environment. She also released some of the dogís emotions. The rash healed more quickly than we expected, and she became calm and able to handle the changes in her life." Fiona


Last updated September 4, 2022