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Manage Change

We have learned how to control ourselves and others.
It is time we learn how to let go and flow with life.

Change is a fact of life, and the rate seems to be increasing.

Most of us are uncomfortable with change, even if we want to change!

One of the best workshops I attended when I worked at Pacific Bell was called Managing Change in a Changing Environment.
How appropriate in the corporate world!

It may help to consider the three C's,
which make it easier to deal with change:

  1. Control
  2. Commitment
  3. Challenge

It helps to understand that there are several stages
people naturally go through in the
emotional/psychological process of transitions:

  1. Let go the old identity or habit, with a sense of loss or dying
  2. Unknown territory, chaos, very unsettling
  3. Acceptance of the new identity or habit

Here are five key things to remember
during times of transition:

We offer individual and group coaching to support you during times of change and transition.

Contact us for more information.

Learn about a model which helps you understand how change is viewed and managed in your organization, based on the culture
Four Organization Cultures

Last updated January 1, 2005