International Best Seller!!

In December 2018 the book was launched and became a Best Seller in less than 24 hours!

I am one of the co-authors of this inspirational book.

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New Book Coming Dec 4, 2018

I’m excited to be one of the authors of “Empowering YOU, Transforming Lives”. Publication date is December 4th, 2018. During the first 24 to 72 hours you’ll have an opportunity to add this inspirational book to your personal library for $1! 

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New Book: Daily Inspirational Poems

Daily Inspirational PoemsI started composing Haiku-style poems in 1999. When people suggested I publish my poems, I began collecting them in one place (an Excel spreadsheet). When I had 365 poems my plan was to publish them in a book, one poem per day for the year.

In 2012 I started drafting the book. I didn’t have 365 poems yet. I read someone’s advice that people don’t want lots of pages in a book. I decided to publish my first book with about 100 poems. In 2013 I published the second volume, with about 100 poems. In 2015 I published about 100 poems in a different format, organizing the poems by season.

This year I decided to publish the book I originally wanted.  I think it is appropriate that the book is ready in time for our Thanksgiving Holiday in the US! It feels good to have many of my poems available to inspire people. 2017 is going to be a powerful year for all of us!

I hope you will enjoy using my newest book to brighten your days in the new year!

It is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

Daily Inspirational Poems paperback

Daily Inspirational Poems Kindle

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Internet Radio Interview

June 16, 2015 radio interview, as a guest of Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Voice America

View Bonnie’s primary website

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Wealthy Mindset?

What is a wealthy mindset? Do you have it?

What does it mean to be prosperous?

Many people think about money as wealth. Money is important. I’ve experienced times when I had money in my bank account. In 2010 I retired from teaching at a nearby adult school. I chose to take a lump sum out of the State Teachers Retirement System. It felt wonderful to have over $10,000 in my bank account!

What about having time to enjoy the money? I love to be around people who are having fun. I love to walk in nature. I love to travel. I enjoy teaching. I felt great when I finally published the book I’d been working on for 12 years. Isn’t all of that also part of being wealthy? Or at least being prosperous.

I did some research on shifting my thoughts to have a stronger wealth mindset, and found a program that is amazing. I started using it today. As children we adopt ways of thinking that may no longer be serving us. I’ve noticed some patterns in my life that are no longer serving me. I’m ready for a higher level of wealth and abundance.

Would you like to join me in finding easy ways to experience more wealth? This system includes 9 videos, each 3 minutes long, and audios that are 30 minutes long. Each day I listen to one of the 3 minute videos, depending on which topic I want to focus on, and then listen to the 30 minute audio for that topic. Sometimes simple is the best!

To watch the free presentation and learn more about Thought Elevators click here.

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Creative Women (new book)

I keep getting new ideas for books. My first 3 books I wrote by myself. I have the urge now to create collaborative books. I had the idea years ago to write a collaborative book titled “Beware: They Do Shoot the Messenger.” That project is in process. I now want to create a book with stories from or about creative women who are making a difference in the world. I’ve known women who consider themselves just ordinary, and yet my perception is that they make a difference in the lives of those around them.

I created instructions for potential authors for this new book. Women can write a story about themselves, or about a woman, or women, who they want to recognize for their contribution to the world.

Click to read Instructions for Potential Authors of Creative Women.

As an example for potential authors, below is a draft of my chapter in the book.

Do I consider myself creative? I would have said no a few years ago. I have been primarily a logical, left brain, analytical thinker. I loved math and science when I was in high school. My major in college was math. My first career was as a math teacher. My second career was as a computer programmer, analyst, and manager. In 1999 I learned to write Haiku poems. My first thought when I was given the assignment to write Haiku poems was “I’m not a poet. I’m not creative in that way.

My poems are popular, and I self-published my first book of Inspirational Poems in 2012. I self-published my second volume of Inspirational Poems in 2013. I’m working on my third poetry book now.

In the mid 1980’s, a small voice inside told me I was going to write a book. My first question was “What kind of book?” It took many years to answer that question. In 2002 I started to write the book which I finally published December 2, 2014. The title of the book is Weave the Threads of Your Life: Create Your New Life.

I recently attended a one-day workshop with Michael Tertes, to discover my Super Powers. After lunch Michael worked with me to refine an identified power I have, which we chose to call Blueprint Visionary. I’ve known for many years that when I’m in a group, I naturally know where the group is headed, and how they can get there. I interviewed some of my friends before Michael’s workshop, and they confirmed that they’ve seen me do this in groups.

As Michael was questioning me about this ability, or Super Power as he calls it, he noticed that I was discounting, or taking it for granted. It comes to me so naturally, that I think nothing about it. He asked the other 17 people in the workshop if any of them do this. None of them do it in the same way I do. Is this a unique ability that I have? Is this my way of thinking ‘outside the box’ and being creative?

I discovered other super powers in Michael’s workshop. It is the unique combination of powers that fascinates me. We all have a unique combination of gifts and talents, Super Powers, that we can use to improve our lives and the lives of others.

I’m asking the question, what does society need from me now? How can I be creative and serve more people? How can I make a difference in the world?

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Beware: They Do Shoot the Messenger

I decided to move forward on a project that I’ve been thinking about for years. I want to find several people who would like to contribute one chapter to a book I’m calling Beware: They Do Shoot the Messenger. I was asked to give an example, to clarify my vision for this book. Below is a draft of my chapter in the book. I hope it serves as an example for others who want to participate in this project.
Click this link to read the updated instructions I created for potential authors:

One of my talents is to recognize what is beneath the surface. I seem to know what people are really feeling, and needing, even if they want to hide or deny it.

As a child this was a problem. When I spoke up, announcing that I saw or felt things that people weren’t ready to acknowledge, it caused strong emotions of fear, anger, defensiveness, and denial. I would sometimes be attacked for calling attention to the truth that people weren’t ready to acknowledge.

I began to withdraw and protect myself by not saying anything.

Years ago KellyAnn Gage offered to do a Face Reading for me. It revealed traits, talents, and challenges. She gave me suggestions on how to develop my traits to be more effective and successful. At that time I also found Richard Unger, who did hand analysis. There were similarities in what they were showing me about myself. Currently I have a friend, Sandra Edwards, who does hand analysis. She is helping me discover more about myself and where I want to focus my attention. My friend Edna Soblin, a hand writing consultant, is helping me change my hand writing in order to improve my life.

Communication is an important focus in my life. What KellyAnn told me years ago was very helpful. She said that when I’m in a group I can quickly see where the group needs and wants to go. She suggested that the group would probably not be ready to hear the message. She suggested that I not withdraw, that I find a way to stay connected until the time was right to deliver the message.

In the years since I got this advice from KellyAnn I have observed my interactions in groups. I do see quickly where the group needs and wants to go. If I speak up too quickly, at the wrong time, it causes a ‘backlash’! I have experimented with different ways of dealing with this talent I have. What has worked well is for me to identify the most influential person in the group. I work with that influential person until they understand what I quickly knew was needed. When the time is right the influential person is more effective in delivering the message, along with a step by step plan and strategy to implement.

I have not always been effective in dealing with this talent. A couple years ago I got involved with a group that offers daily phone support calls. I found it interesting that the group wanted new people to join and get their support. However, what I noticed was that the dialogue and dynamics of the group was turning off many of the new people. There was fear and criticism and judgment, poorly disguised as jokes, which was making the goal of having new people join difficult. I chose to step in and speak up. The timing was wrong, and the group began to attack me as a teacher with tendencies of hurting people by forcing them to listen. I chose to drop out of the group when I got the message that you would to be ‘stupid’ to quit. I became defensive and it felt uncomfortable for me. I did the best I could, and there were several other reasons for my not continuing. I did not feel successful with that group.

Many of us are messengers. We have a message which is valuable. Timing is critical to delivering a message that will be heard. People need to be ready. I’ve learned that it is very important to deal with my own emotional issues. My childhood memories and pain can cloud my judgment and vision. I have been doing a lot of inner cleansing in the last couple years. I intend now to claim my talents and gifts, to use them wisely, in a loving way for myself and others.

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Erase the White Board

A new day, a new year, a new way of being!

What if we could erase the past, like erasing the white board that is our life?

What would our lives be like if we started the day with a ‘clean slate’?

How can we use our creativity to create the day in a way that makes us feel fully alive, fully awake?

My intention is to have an eraser in my hand. Every time I recognize that something from the past is popping up, triggering a thought or feeling, causing me upset, I am going to use that eraser to simply erase the past!

Can it be that simple? Can we stop complicating our lives? Can we choose to use the eraser in a playful, relaxed way?

My intention in 2015 is to find ways to simplify, to allow life to bring me experiences of peace, joy and love!

Will you join me?

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Intentions or Resolutions?

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. Many people like to set resolutions for the new year. I find intentions more effective.

How often do we actually get results when we use resolutions? How often do we find ourselves in February or March looking back and beating ourselves up for not keeping our resolutions?

I created a new habit. Each day I start by setting my intention for the day.

What kind of intention is helpful? We could say I intend to shop for groceries or do my laundry today.

I prefer to set intentions like:

  • My intention is to respond with love and kindness in each moment today, love for myself and love for others.
  • My intention is to experience peace and joy as often as possible today, to find ways to fill my life with laughter.
  • My intention is to experience life from the abundance that comes from Spirit.
  • My intention is to follow my Inner Guidance, and allow life to attract to me the people and experiences that bring me joy.

We are all unique. What would be the most helpful intentions you could set for yourself?

Each day is a new beginning. How do you want to experience your day? How do you want to experience 2015?

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Effort or Flow?

Have you experienced times in your life when things seem to flow with very little effort? Would you like to experience that more often? What would it take to be ‘in the flow’ more often?

I find that taking inspired action helps. We are a very action oriented society. Some actions give us the results we want; some actions create stress, and what we might call negative results. How do we know which actions are inspired, and which might take us down the ‘wrong path’ or pull us ‘off track’? I like to take a deep breath, breathing into the heart area, and allow my heart to guide me. The Institute of HeartMath has many powerful tools that we can use to listen to the heart’s intelligence.

I have been improving my connection to Spirit. There are many ways to do this. Meditation is a powerful tool. Some people think that it takes a lot of time to meditate, and I hear people say “I simply can’t stop my thoughts.” I remember doing a 21-day meditation challenge led by davidji. I learned a lot from that experience, and from listening to davidji recently. We don’t need to stop our thoughts. We can simply allow them to come and go, watching them as if they were on a flashing marquee. The important thing is to not get stressed about them, or get hooked into a long and stressful inner dialogue with them. Using a mantra, or focusing on our breath, is helpful. You can also gently remind yourself to focus on your breath, focus on your heart.

There are many powerful spiritual teachers on the planet now. Panache Desai is one of them. I participated in his recent 21-day Ultimate Energy Immersion. I agree with Panache that we need to release old pent-up emotions. Since 2008 I’ve been helping myself and others release trapped emotions, old energies that block us from experiencing joy, love, Inner Wisdom, and keep us in patterns that no longer serve us. It is wonderful to know that many tools and techniques are available that help us heal and evolve.

We are all amazing! We are human beings, not human doings. Too much effort, the kind that is forced and stressful, actually gets in the way of our living the lives that we desire and are meant to have. I hope you find the right tool(s) that lead to flow in your life. It is a wonderful experience, and we all deserve it!

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