About Bonnie Best

Bonnie believes that every person has a dream, and she helps people explore and manifest their dreams for REAL SUCCESS.

Bonnie is a Wellness Consultant and Inspirational Coach with over 40 years experience in education, corporate systems analysis and planning. She especially enjoys working with individuals in transition.

She has worked with managers and trainers in the former Soviet Union, Canada and Mexico, teaching them alternative ways to resolve conflicts and manage change.

Bonnie loves to work with computers, and teaches people ways to use the computer as a tool for personal and business purposes.

She was Adjunct Faculty for the College of Professional Studies, University of San Francisco, where she taught Systems, Technology and Change in the Master of Human Resources and Organization Development Program. In the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management Program she taught Systems Development, Organizational Behavior, Project Management, and Organizational Issues.

She taught Integrated Software Solutions at Heald College of Business in Hayward. She taught Diversity and Dispute Resolution for UC Santa Cruz Extension. She taught Negotiation Skills and Using the Internet seminars for SkillPath, a National Seminar Company.

She received her MA in Education from San Francisco State University, and her Secondary Teaching Credential from UC Berkeley.

Learn more about Bonnie by visiting her website bbest.com.