Wealthy Mindset?

What is a wealthy mindset? Do you have it?

What does it mean to be prosperous?

Many people think about money as wealth. Money is important. I’ve experienced times when I had money in my bank account. In 2010 I retired from teaching at a nearby adult school. I chose to take a lump sum out of the State Teachers Retirement System. It felt wonderful to have over $10,000 in my┬ábank account!

What about having time to enjoy the money? I love to be around people who are having fun. I love to walk in nature. I love to travel. I enjoy teaching. I felt great when I finally published the book I’d been working on for 12 years. Isn’t all of that also part of being wealthy? Or at least being prosperous.

I did┬ásome research on shifting my thoughts to have a stronger wealth mindset, and found a program that is amazing. I started using it today. As children we adopt ways of thinking that may no longer be serving us. I’ve noticed some patterns in my life that are no longer serving me. I’m ready for a higher level of wealth and abundance.

Would you like to join me in finding easy ways to experience more wealth? This system includes 9 videos, each 3 minutes long, and audios that are 30 minutes long. Each day I listen to one of the 3 minute videos, depending on which topic I want to focus on, and then listen to the 30 minute audio for that topic. Sometimes simple is the best!

To watch the free presentation and learn more about Thought Elevators click here.

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