Introduction to Weave the Threads of Your Life

Have you ever seen a mural made with Mosaic tiles? Or a tapestry made with woven fibers?

When you stand very close to either, what you see are the individual tiles or threads and colors. It is only when you stand back that you begin to see the bigger picture.

A few years ago I visited the Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. One wall is a mural designed by Yoshiteru Otani. It is composed of 3,588 ceramic tiles selected from the Charlie Brown comic strip  –  about ten years’ worth of daily strips. Otani hand-selected each strip to compose a secondary scene of Lucy holding a football for Charlie Brown.

When you stand very close to the wall you can view each individual scene from the comic strip. When you stand back about eight feet from the wall you can see the images of Lucy and Charlie formed by the dark and light areas of the tiles.

Have you ever worked on a picture puzzle? When you look at one piece, it is difficult to imagine what the full picture is going to be. After you fit the pieces together, or if you look at the cover on the box, you can see the bigger picture.

Many years ago a friend suggested that I would reach a point in my life when I could step back and see the bigger picture. Just as I stepped back from the tile mural in the museum, I sometimes stand back and review my life so that I can see how the many threads are woven into a bigger picture.

This book is a way to share my process with you. I hope that you will consider doing something similar in your own life. It can be very rewarding to discover a higher perspective of our lives.

The book is separated into three parts.

Part 1 is an opportunity to step back, and reflect on the past, to determine our patterns, stories, fears and values.

Part 2 is an opportunity to answer the questions:

What now?
What next?
How can I create a new life?

Part 3 is a journal you can use as you read each chapter, where you can make notes and use this process for your own life journey.

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